Is your unique audience aligned with the Undoctored message? 

We've developed a suite of online learning opportunities to help support your audience in becoming Undoctored on their own terms. Courses are tailored to different health objectives and different styles of learning.

Affiliate MArketing Opportunity 

Earn 50% commission on any new enrollments in Undoctored courses! Become an advocate for magnificent health while earning a generous return on your effort. 

Commission Earning Products 

  • Undoctored Health and Lifestyle: $82

42 days of drip content. Positioned as two easy 21 day challenges 

  • Undoctored Home Tools: $247

6 weekly modules that dive deep into the science of Undoctored and offer concrete tools and strategies.

  • Undoctored U: Certificate in Health Empowerment: $1997 

8 weekly modules taught at a professional level.  

You can explore the product descriptions on our website.

How it works:

  • Set up your affiliate account (powered by Kajabi) and choose from a variety of share links.
  • Direct users to a free micro-course or directly into the online store.
  • The micro-course leads users to an opportunity to purchase a course. You'll earn 50% commission on any purchase that is made within  
  • The 4th video in the micro course offers user a chance to buy the "Launch Bundle" $199 for Home Tools + Health + Lifestyle. 

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