Ports of Call and itinerary

Seminars, Bonus Sessions, and Cooking Demos

Join Dr. William Davis and special guests as they guide you through a rich program designed to help deepen your understanding of grain free living and give you the tools you need to succeed! Deep dives into scientific and medical material are punctuated with lighter content such as bonus sessions and cooking demos. 

  • Seminar 1: Dr. William Davis: Introduction to the core concepts: From Wheat Belly to Undoctored Health. Let them eat grass + Q&A

  • Seminar 2: Dr. William Davis: Your Grain Detox Road Map: Getting through those crucial first weeks + Q&A

  • Seminar 3: Dr. William Davis: Core Strategies: Understanding Vitamin D + Q&A

  • Seminar 4: Dr. William Davis: Core Strategies: Understanding Omega 3s + Q&A

  • Seminar 5: Dr. William Davis: Core Strategies: Understanding Minerals + Q&A

  • Seminar 6: Dr. William Davis: Core Strategies: Understanding gut health and bowel flora + Q&A

  • Seminar 7: Dr. William Davis: Core Strategies: Understanding Thyroid & Iodine + Q&A

  • Seminar 8: Dr. William Davis: Recap and Review: Putting it all together in pursuit of “Undoctored Health” + Q&A


  • Bonus Presentation: Celebrity Equinox Chef and Service Manager explain how to make the most of food on board.

  • Bonus Presentation: Undoctored U co-founder L. Paul MacInnis: Think Like An Undoctored Chef: Grain Free Cuisine Made Easy. Includes recipes and shopping list.

  • Bonus Presentation: Dr. William Davis: Introduction to Undoctored Health Empowerment Coaching

  • Bonus Presentation: Undoctored U co-founder L. Paul MacInnis: Undoctored Food For Kids. Includes recipes and shopping lists


  • Culinary Demos: Watch the Celebrity Equinox Chef’s demonstrate some of the dishes they've prepared for our group. Back by popular demand!

Please note: Although unlikely, the cruise company reserves the right to make minor changes to the schedule in the event of unforeseen circumstance. A final schedule with updated times will be presented on board.  


Celebrity Equinox captures the very essence of premium cruising, prepare to have your expectations exceeded as soon as you step on board. Delight in your choice of ten exceptional dining venues. Every imaginable comfort complimented by Celebrity's unrivaled guest services promises an unsurpassed cruise experience.


South Florida's exciting, international city is much more than the gateway to Latin America. It's one of the world's most popular vacation destinations. With its world-renowned beaches, unrivaled nightlife, unique culinary experiences and Latin flavor, this is one place you'll want to check out. Before departing from Miami, enjoy a tour that will highlight this exciting city.

After leaving port in Miami, and following registration, we will gather for a meet and greet session with the ship’s culinary team and your Undoctored / Wheat Belly Cruise facilitators.


Ernest Hemingway made wild, colorful Key West his home, and you will want to do the same. Home to modern-day adventurers, artists and poets, the island's charming Old Town teems with restaurants, bars and unique shops. Add pristine coral reefs, coconut palms and a laid-back attitude that's truly contagious, and it's easy to see why so many visitors to Key West never leave.

Explore Key West during the day, then meet onboard in the evening for an informal reception with Dr. Davis.

Day at Sea

We start the day with (optional) light exercise. This is a full day of educational programming, broken up with a culinary demonstration and a group lunch - specially planned by Celebrity's world class chefs.


Grand Cayman is one of a group of three magnificent tropical islands Christopher Columbus called "Las Tortugas" (the turtles) for the sea creatures he found in the ocean water. The designation did not endure, however, for on later maps the islands were labeled the Caimanau, the Carib Indian word for "crocodile." The name "Caimanas" refers inaccurately to the iguanas native to the islands, which were perhaps at one point mistaken for crocodiles. Among other attractions, visitors to the island will enjoy learning about the turtles, visiting the town of Hell, exploring Seven-Mile Beach and enjoying the undersea world.

Spend the day exploring Grand Cayman, then return to the ship for an evening presentation.


Costa Maya boasts beautiful beaches on the Caribbean Sea, which is ideal for divers and snorkelers alike who enjoy exploring the beautiful Banco Chinchorro coral reef that lies just off the coast. History buffs will surely love exploring the lesser-known Mayan ruins, Cacchoben and Kohunlich.

We start the day with (optional) light exercise. Enjoy a special group breakfast prepared by the chefs, followed by one of our bonus sessions. Leave the ship and explore. Consider a guided tour of the Mayan Ruin Chacchoben.*


The Conquistadors first saw Mexico from the shores of Cozumel while searching for gold. Today, visitors to the island continue to seek out gold and silver jewelry in the shops of San Miguel while having a great time in its many local bars and restaurants. Plus, the waters around Cozumel's sheltered coral reefs make this one of the best snorkeling areas in the world.

Another morning of exciting bonus sessions (exact program TBA). Go ashore and consider a guided tour of Ixchel Temple San Gervasio.* 

Day at Sea

Dec. 8th. We start the day with (optional) light exercise. After our morning seminar with Dr. Davis we gather for a culinary demonstration and a group lunch - specially planned by Celebrity's world class chefs. We gather again in the afternoon for another seminar. Extended Q&A session to end the program.

Back in Miami

After breakfast we will see each other off in Miami. We miss you already! 

* These optional activities carry additional fees. This allows participants maximum freedom of choice and flexibility. Talk to our travel agents for more details. Prices are subject to change, but were as follows at the time of this writing: 

Butterfly walk in Key West - $15 USD per person  

Transportation and tour of Mayan Ruin Chacchoben - $55 USD per person

Transportation and tour of Ixchel Temple San Gervasio - $59 USD per person

Snorkelling: free unless you need to rent equipment - $15 USD per person