Professional Directory

We created Undoctored U to help organize and support an emerging community of people who are ready to usher in a new age in healthcare.

The paternalistic age of “I’m the doctor. You’re the patient” is disintegrating. Everyday people outside of healthcare are gaining new power and insight through the astounding access to information that was not possible even 20 years ago.

While the healthcare system continues to grow, offering more drugs and medical procedures and costing more, the information that could be applied to individual self-empowerment in health has also exploded—but is not being passed onto individuals.

This program is meant for anyone who can support an individual on their path to personal health empowerment. We want to build and support a community of like-minded practitioners, each bringing their own insights, perspectives, and backgrounds to the conversation.

Our first wave of graduates is beginning to finish up the program and populate our professional directory. Look for a graduate who can offer the kind of support you need today - and start to build your personal team of health advocates. Check back frequently - this is just the beginning.

Everyone listed below has completed our eight-week program. Level Two Certification recognizes graduates who earned the distinction: Community Contributor.