Patricia Sager Lane

Dr. Pat Sager Lane, is an academic gerontological researcher. She studies the process of aging worldwide, and has written about the effects of nutritional dietary interventions in preventing, managing, or reversing the chronic diseases and acute illnesses associated with aging. Dr. Pat is a speaker, instructor, personal advisor and nutritional wellness advocate for prescription free quality of life as we age. She and her husband are many year veterans of the Wheat Belly/Undoctored U philosophy of grain elimination, no sugars, very low carbohydrate, high healthy fat intake, no calorie restrictions, and using inexpensive supplements to sustain a healthy active senior lifestyle. Dr. Pat can help you to lose weight forever without hunger, reverse diabetes, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, anxiety and depression, and overcome many nutritional issues following all types of gastric bypass surgery. As a native Floridan, she is interested in helping all Floridians maintain quality of life longer! Dr. Pat had full stomach gastric bypass surgery over 25 years ago, losing 200 lbs in one year, and has successfully maintained that loss with no health issues. Her husband was a 50 year Type 2 diabetic on 8 prescription drugs; no longer on drugs and is not listing as a diabetic on blood tests. Blood tests and how you feel prove your success!

Credentials: Ed. D. Educational Leadership, University of North Florida (Dissertation: Trend study on the Impact of Non-Traditional Distance Learning on the delivery of Higher Education). M.A. in Gerontology M.A. in Media Communication M.A. in Management and Human Relations Dr. Pat has been a presenter/speaker for Dr. Davis on Undoctored topics.

Services Offered: Educational Speaker on Gerontological issues and Nutritional Interventions; presenter for any size group. Motivational Speaker on how to sustain and maintain the Undoctored lifestyle forever for personal health empowerment. Gastric Bypass longevity expert in how to heal long term after all types of Gastric Bypass interventions and how to sustain the weight loss and your health for quality of life. Diabetes management without prescription drugs and diabetes reversal realities for groups or personalized advising with blood work numbers to prove validity of success.

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Level 2: Completed Course plus Community Contributor

Level 2: Completed Course plus Community Contributor