Rita Naidoo

I am a Registered Nurse, practiced in three countries (South Africa, Australia and the United Sates) over the last 29 years. I've been working in Intensive Care, especially in Open Heart Transplant ICU's and noticed my patients almost everyone having high blood glucose yet this was not the case earlier on in my practice. However, the most significant observation was they are now between the ages of 40-55, they also by this time had multiple stents placed. I am in this age group and in September 2015 presented with metabolic syndrome from having normal labs 5 months earlier. I started a grain free, wheat free and dairy free diet and found almost all my symptoms disappeared within 2 weeks. I was on my own journey to discover what just happened and how did it happen. Knowing that this was happening to my patients and they were not as lucky. I realized a holistic approach is required with prevention being the focus, however I was not going to accomplish this from my practice. I needed to reach clients before they land themselves in ICU.

Credentials: Registered Nurse, Registered Midwife, CCRN, TNCC, ACLS and BLS Diploma in Intensive Care Nursing Sciences. BA in Nursing, with Majors in Community Health, Nursing Education and Occupational Health.

Services Offered:

PUBLIC HEALTH EDUCATION - Giving lectures to groups in different settings library, nursing homes, book clubs, schools, underserved & uninsured communities etc

PERSONAL HEALTH COACH - Working with clients to control and correct high blood sugar, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and offering the side effects of weight loss, feeling of welbeing and getting off medications. My focus is holistic and preventative. Taking referrals from physicians, insurance companies and anyone looking for health and wellness.

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Level 2: Completed Course plus Community Contributor

Level 2: Completed Course plus Community Contributor