Janice Norman

Hi. I’m Janice Norman, Natural Health Practitioner and owner of Uniq by Nature.  
I began my path to health and healing in 2006 when traditional medicine had me trapped in a cycle of prescription drugs that I detested and felt they only masked my symptoms while ignoring the underlying cause. My turning point was when I was introduced to natural health products.  
This is where my inquisitive journey began. I wanted to seek health improvements through alternative methods. I also added nutritional investigations through various naturopaths and nutritionists which resulted in the discovery of my grain intolerance. I stumbled upon these alternatives almost accidentally, since I was unsure of where to turn when traditional methods were not working. None of these were recommended from the medical experts. 
With this first-hand experience, I realized the amazing benefits of great solutions which I want to share. I would like to help women who are seeking to be happier, looking for self-improvement, self awareness, and the need to make choices.

Credentials, Certificates, Degrees:
Shin Jyutsu Practitioner
Essential Oils and Raindrop Therapy Practitioner

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Level 2: Completed Course plus Community Contributor

Level 2: Completed Course plus Community Contributor