Vicki Bowman

In 2018 I became a Wellness Coach because it became clear to me that success in wellness not only relies on knowing what to do, but how to make it happen in our ongoing, busy lives. I make it my focus to understand your unique desires, motivators and challenges to most efficiently help you set appropriate, achievable goals.

In our collaborations you will have my compassion and honesty to help propel you beyond your current state of wellness. My approach will be a non-judgmental one whereby I will hold you accountable to your wellness intentions. I will help you to recognize when you are not following your planned path, and be there to point out accomplishments that you may have overlooked. Coaching is overwhelmingly successful in helping everyday people accomplish long-sought-after goals; let’s work together to make your wellness dreams a reality.

I have over 25 years of experience in the health field beginning in 1991 as a Cardiac Monitor Technician at a local ICU. And after falling in love with the idea of helping to improve the lives of others, moved on to receiving my LPN, and then continuing on in the nursing field until 2012 when my own set of medical problems did not allow me the privilege of caring for others any longer. However, in 2015 I found and started reading books, blog posts, and case studies written by Dr William Davis, and learned through him how to turn my own quite severe medical issues around without the financial burden or the Physicians or pharmaceutical companies! I am now, after 2.5 years of following his approach to health restoration, at a perfect weight, and diagnosis, symptom, and pain-free, and wish to help you become the same! 
Life is far too short to be fat, sick, and in pain, when there is something we can do about it, without the assistance of medical professionals who simply want to help empty our pockets. 
I have experience working with a variety of clientele from those with obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, geriatrics, hospice, Children with special needs, to the client who is simply seeking a greater level of overall health and wellbeing - and I look forward to working with you!

Professional Level 2: Completed Course plus Community Contributor

Professional Level 2: Completed Course plus Community Contributor

Services Offered
Certified Wellness Coach
Advocate for the *Undoctored lifestyle 
Accountability partner 
Health Restoration Educator 


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