Loli Murphy


Health and wellness are my true passion. I'm a mother of two grown women and have eight grandkids. My nest isn't empty though, I've fur babies and a husband to look after.  
As a former fat girl I can attest to the life changing benefits of proper nutrition, supplementation, and exercise. I believe we all deserve optimal health and know it doesn't come from a pharmacy, shake powder, or cardboard food shipped in the mail. 
I'd love to share my passion with you and get you on your journey to optimal health.

Level 2: Completed Course plus Community Contributor

Level 2: Completed Course plus Community Contributor

Credentials, Certificates, Degrees: 
M.S in Psychology
Undoctored Certificate
IIN Health Coach

Services Offered:
1:1 in person health coaching
Virtual health coaching
Weight loss coaching and nutrition

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Laureen Merrill


Hello. My name is Laureen Merrill, and I am an Eating Psychology Coach. What this is, is a cutting edge approach to health coaching. What we eat is only part of the puzzle, as to our health and dietary challenges. Every thought or mood we have can directly effect how we digest and assimilate our food. What I teach my clients is mind/body nutrition. This is a goals oriented, sustainable strategy to keep my clients on a path of improved health and weight. This is all done without dieting, calorie counting, or dreaded exercise routines. I help my clients with concerns such as: digestion, weight loss, weight gain, weight hate/body shaming, fatigue, immunity, auto immunity, menopause/peri-menopause, and many other issues. I turned my passion to bring myself to wonderful health, into a career to also help my client’s reach their largest goals.

Credentials, Certificates, Degrees, etc.: Certified from The Institute for the Psychology of Eating; Certified from Undoctored U Health Empowerment Professional Program. 

Services Offered: I offer Eating Psychology Coaching consults. I work with both men and women, ages 18 and up. I offer individual pay as you go consults, as well as bundled services at a 20% discount. 
I offer weekly Facebook inspirations at:

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Level 2: Completed Course plus Community Contributor