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Frank & Lois Anderton

Frank and Lois Anderton have a passion for helping folks like you on this amazing journey to renew your health. They have personally received training from Dr. Davis to be prepared to help you succeed. They have experienced renewed health in their own lives and have been involved for the past two years in helping others. They have graciously opened their home to share and walk you through this journey. Frank has many materials to share with you; while Lois shows you how to change out a few foods in your kitchen to redirect your lifestyle toward better health. We continue receiving exciting testimonies from those who have taken the class. We look forward to meeting you for our 6-week classes. Let’s get you on the road to health by putting into practice what Dr. Davis prescribes for us. Our charges are very budget friendly.

Services Offered: Coaching, classes and assistance in making lifestyle changes.

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Level 2: Completed Course plus Community Contributor

Level 2: Completed Course plus Community Contributor