The Wheat Belly and Undoctored Alaskan Cruise

All the food, glamour, adventure and learning - none of the carbs

May 24th - 31st - 30th, 2019

This vacation is designed to help you experience the best of the Wheat Belly and Undoctored lifestyles to deliver as much life- and health-empowering information in as short a time as possible. Helping you achieve not average health, but SUPERIOR health, weight loss, and freedom from prescription medications are among our goals, all delivered in a beautiful, warm, tropical setting with glorious—and healthy—foods to celebrate the process. .  

We deliver the cumulative wisdom gained throughout the six-year’s of lessons learned from the worldwide Wheat Belly experience. We now fold in the emerging and greater individual health empowerment of the new Undoctored message: the power of new and rapid information dissemination, collaboration, and health tool tracking. Our goal is to help you achieve the knowledge and confidence necessary to help you and those around you reclaim health on a scale you may not have thought possible.We have collaborated with the cruise line's chefs and event planners to create a diningprogram that is decadent, imaginative, and grain-free. You can eat like a king, without worrying about getting "wheated." 

This cruise is all about health empowerment. Join Dr. William Davis and special guests as they guide you through a rich program designed to help deepen your understanding of the Wheat Belly and Undoctored lifestyles and give you the tools you need to succeed.

Empowerment Through Knowledge

Featuring highly informative seminars and break-out sessions our vacation programs are designed to be supportive of you no matter where you are on your health journey. We will touch on every part of this lifestyle: from the science behind Dr. Davis’ insights to their practical day-to-day application. You will come away armed with the information and inspiration that you need to enjoy the many benefits of this lifestyle. We’ll even explore the nitty-gritty details of recipes, baking tips, holidays, social situations, family and kids!   

Find Your Tribe

Something wonderful happens when we gather together to share knowledge, experience, questions (and recipes), we all stand to learn a great deal from one another. Often we find the information or inspiration that we have been missing and we are empowered to break through our own barriers and plateaus.

Rediscover a healthy love of Food

The program includes live cooking and baking demonstrations, a chance to swap recipes with other participants, and inspired wheat free cuisine provided by the ship's culinary team.

Undoctor your Health

Whether your health goal is to lose weight, get more energy, improve cardiovascular or bone health, get off prescription medications, or find relief from inflammation from skin rashes to sore joints, the Wheat Belly, and now Undoctored, lifestyles have helped thousands of people, and it can help you too!

It's all about Your Goals

This is a rich program with lots of opportunity to learn and have fun. But don’t feel like you have to do all of it!  Choose the parts that are best for you and your health journey. We want this to work for who you are and where you are RIGHT NOW. You’ll also have ample opportunities to enrich your experience through various self guided activities and excursions.

The Ship

Celebrity Equinox captures the very essence of premium cruising, prepare to have your expectations exceeded as soon as you step on board. Delight in your choice of ten exceptional dining venues. Every imaginable comfort complimented by Celebrity's unrivaled guest services promises an unsurpassed cruise experience.

ALl New Information  

As in prior cruises, the program will cover the entire landscape of Wheat Belly concepts, focusing especially on practical ways to live and succeed in this lifestyle. 

This year, however, we will also introduce some of the new and exciting ideas from Dr. Davis’s new Undoctored book, showing attendees how new information and collaborative tools can be used to obtain even bigger and better results, including the emerging world of health smartphone apps and tools. 


All reservations managed by CME AWAY™ by Sea Courses. You must book with Sea Courses to participate in this program. In addition to managing your reservation they coordinates with the cruise line to ensure that participants receive all negotiated perks and will be your point of contact when it comes to all things cruise ship related.


Note: The Total cost of the cruise

Anyone who has taken a cruise before knows that the pricing structure can be a little… complicated. That’s why we trust our partners at Sea Courses to simplify the process and help you find your way to the perfect experience for your taste and budget. Ask them about special rates for spouses and travelling companions.