Next CLASS BEgins October 17th, 2018


Health Professionals Unite!

We have created this course to be accessible to nurses, fitness trainers, physicians, chiropractors, pharmacists, physical therapists, nutritionists, dietitians, culinary professionals…. anyone who can support an individual on their path to personal health empowerment. We want to build and support a community of like-minded practitioners, each bringing their own insights, perspectives, and backgrounds to the conversation.



Course Overview

The messages provided by cardiologist Dr. William Davis have yielded dramatic turnarounds in the health and weight for millions of people. His bestselling Wheat Belly book series and other projects have helped deliver many of these concepts to the broad public.

But not everyone is able to follow the concepts on their own and many desire expert supervision. This series of learning modules is designed to empower any healthcare professional starting with a basic healthcare background by providing the science and rationale underlying this powerful approach to health.

Counseling people on navigating these concepts can stack the odds in favor of minimizing or reversing a long list of common, as well as uncommon, health conditions. Metabolic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, coronary disease, etc.; autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis; mental health struggles such as depression and eating disorders; and functional disorders such as fibromyalgia are all on the list of conditions that we will address in these modules.


Course Outline

Each week, for 6 weeks, we will release a new learning module. The module guides the learner through core concepts via a variety of multi-media content. We estimate that each module will take approximately 60 - 120 min to complete. 

Fundamentals: (Available on day one)
Module 1    Unhealthy Whole Grains; Following a Healthy Grain-Free Lifestyle

Module 2    Guiding Clients/Patients Through Grain Detox
Core Strategies: (New modules released weekly)        
Module 3    Vitamin D: Getting it Right for Total Health

Module 4    Cultivate Healthy Bowel Flora

Module 5    Iodine and Thyroid Health

Module 6    Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Getting it Right

Module 7     Minerals: Magnesium, Iron and Zinc

Special Situations:
Module 8    Problem-Oriented Departures from the Core Strategy


EXCLUSIVE Conference Calls

We know you'll have questions. Students have access to interactive weekly conference calls where Dr. Davis addresses your most pressing questions. Ask your questions live or in advance. Don't worry if you can't make it, we'll make a recording available to you. 

Core Strategies Q&A:         
October 24th, 2pm EST: Vitamin D: Getting it Right for Total Health

October 31st, 2pm EST: Cultivate Healthy Bowel Flora

November 7th, 2pm EST: Iodine and Thyroid Health

November 14th, 2pm EST: Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Getting it Right

November 21st, 2pm EST: Minerals: Magnesium, Iron and Zinc

Special Situations:
November 28th, 2pm EST: Problem-Oriented Departures from the Core Strategy

Bonus Sessions:

November 29th, 2pm EST: Bonus Session: Building your business: creating your offer, setting prices, measuring your client's success, and leveraging Undoctored digital programs in your business.    

November 30th, 2pm EST: Bonus Session: Marketing your business: special guests discuss marketing, brand positioning, social media tips and tricks.  

Build Your Business

In addition to the lifestyle prescribed in Dr. Davis’s best selling books, numerous other lifestyles and diets intersect with the insights and methods shared in this course: gluten-free, paleo, and low carb, to name a few. We envision a world in which a variety of practitioners cross-refer to each other as they build local support networks for this radical new approach to health.    

A growing number of patients and clients are seeking practitioners who can support them on their journey toward health empowerment.

As soon as our first class is complete, graduates will have the option to be listed on this website. Listing will include professional designation(s), a short bio, business contact information, and services offered. Potential patients and clients will be able to filter listings by location and profession. This directory will be publicized to our community through a variety of media channels. (Professional credentials will need to be verified. Continued listing is at the sole discretion of UndoctoredU. Some terms and conditions apply)

Bonus Material

Our team is busily developing supplementary materials to help make your practice a big success. These include professionally designed posters and brochures to help you build your business as well as sample workshop plans, Powerpoint presentations, and recipes and shopping guides to share with your patients and clients.


If you are reading this, you likely agree that the way we have been practicing healthcare is unsatisfying, often ineffective, and not sustainable. We have an aging population that is increasingly plagued with chronic “diseases of civilization,” and the burden of caring for this population will be significant. If we are ever to reverse this tide, we will first need to radically change the way that we practice health care, and Undoctored U is a step in that direction.

In his own practice as a cardiologist, Dr. Davis witnessed a profound shift in the health of his patients: they achieved incredible results, lost weight, and became markedly healthier. A series of bestselling books helped spread the movement well beyond the confines of his practice. In UndoctoredU, Dr. Davis shares everything he learned from that experience so that you too can support your patients and clients and help them achieve the same results.

From the start, it has been clear that this course would be different from anything else offered in the world today. The course focuses on sharing information with the patient/client and truly empowering her to take control of her health. The lifestyle changes and methods prescribed by Dr. Davis are easy to implement, effective, and the results are easily tracked.


Our objective when designing this course was simple. We wanted to create an easy-to-digest, professional grade online learning experience that empowers practitioners to achieve the same outstanding results that have been a hallmark of Dr. Davis’s practice. This course is results driven. Dr. Davis presents the theories and rationale behind his methods and then provides you with tools and insights that you can apply right away in your practice.  

This course moves at a fast pace, but don’t worry! We present the materials in small digestible chunks; transcripts and crib notes accompany all videos; quick quizzes confirm confidence in key concepts; guided forum discussions deepen your understanding of the material; and a weekly conference call brings it all into context. 


Undoctored U welcomes students and professionals from around the world and from a variety of different backgrounds. Though participants will have degrees and diplomas from other post-secondary institutions, this is not a prerequisite.

We have an inclusive policy regarding education and believes that everyone should be given equal opportunity to learn.

That said, we strongly encourage students to play by the rules and stay within the legal boundaries and guidelines of their given profession.  

Those not interested in the professional level course can opt for an "audit only" option at a discounted rate.